South Seas, Palm Trees, Currywurst

2019,  Performative Research Journey
(with Lena Schwingshandl)

Fascinated by the artificial creation of the South Seas dream, Lisa Großkopf and Lena Schwingshandl went on an artistic research trip to the Tropical Islands Resort and explored the relationship between what is authentic and what is artificial. They were inspired by the atmosphere and produced a comprehensive ensemble of photographs, videos, diary entries and postcards, which subsequently became the basis for performances, screenings and exhibition participations.


The video work all mine is one of the artworks that were created in this context. The artists play with the symbolism of towels occupying space on beaches and thereby thematize claims of property in public space that are made while on vacation. The video shows several shots of a white towel in a tropical-looking landscape. However, the scenery does not take place on a vacation beach on the Mediterranean coast or in the Caribbean, but in the interior of Germany, far away from any open-air bathing places and natural sea access.


It is a game of authenticity and staging that the artists pursue. In a humorous way, they raise questions about the imitation of nature and cultural appropriation. To what extent can nature be recreated? How can authenticity be negotiated? What elements are adopted in the reproduction of a Caribbean beach? What stereotypes are reproduced in the process?

Text: Aline Lenzhofer
Fotos: Lea Sonderegger, eSel