Intimate Body Machine

2021, Aluminum, Spy Mirror, Scale, 100×100×200cm
2021, Poster, 200×300cm
(mit Soukaina Joual)

With their artistic intervention Intimate Body Machine Lisa Großkopf  and Soukaina Joual explore the boundaries between public and private space. The project, which was developed collaboratively, deals with corporeality and challenges normativity – aspects that that reoccur in the practice of both artists. Their interactive tour of public scales in Vienna’s second district invites participants and passers-by to weigh individual body parts and recalculate their weight. A booth at the beginning of Heinestraße also makes it possible to weigh one’s own clothes and subtract it from the calculated body weight. In doing so, the weighing and measuring of human bodies and related conceptions of the ideal are taken ad absurdum. In a photograph, the two artists give a demonstration, staging themselves weighing a body part – Lisa Großkopf in Vienna and Soukaina Joual likewise in Rabat. In cooperation with Fluc, the image is presented from on the billboard facing Praterstern and the public scale positioned on this spot.


Text: Aline Lenzhofer
Photos: Kosta Tonev
Video: Huda Takrit