Dreaming of Holidays

2020, Installation, 300×330×290cm

Dreaming of Holidays resulted from a work and research stay on Truth and Lies – Aesthetic Practices in Times of Fake News at the Adishakti Laboratory for Theatre Arts & Research in South India. Adishakti is not only the name of a renowned theater ensemble, but rather a conglomerate of the troupe‘s residence, performance hall, which occasionally becomes a rehearsal room, and guest rooms, which are rented out via Airbnb, among others. A potpurri of individual travellers, writers, musicians and participants in workshops such as laughing yoga or free-your-soul-dance will find a wide range of services here: from full board and laundry service to a fitness room and seawater swimming pool. Nevertheless, a large number of the guests seemed to neglect their role as tourists. This ambiguous tension of alternative tourism to itself led me to the decision to convert my residency room into a hotel room. I replaced the furniture in the room and added the products that are now standard equipment in the upscale hotel industry, such as cosmetic products, chocolate, slippers, kettles, information folders and also the almost anachronistic-looking landline telephone.