The Artist is Present (2)
2018performance, kunstluft, st. antönien, switzerland
The artist is present (2) was created during an artist residency in Grisons, Switzerland. At the finissage, Großkopf positioned herself in a particularly lively spot on the art trail to fill in the fields of the painting-after-numbers painting „Peaceful Mountain Landscape“. The performance is a reaction to the romanticization of art and artists through the residency program. Großkopf was not only irritated by the affirmative approach of art – which seemed to be at the service of the local tourist promotion – she was also surprised by the glorification and mystification of artists. In the painting and in the performance, the (re-)production of the romanticized view of the Alps and its painters reaches its cheesy climax, unmasking it as an unreachable longing for idyll..