sometimes I would prefer not to

2019, Twine, Nails, Inkjet Print on Transparent Paper

The exhibition Pattern Recognition at the Kunstfabrik Groß Siegharts [a former textile factory] presents 15 artists whose working methods, approaches and themes not only reflect on the present of the factory as an exhibition venue, but also take a critical look at the past and future of textile and art production. The artists have explored patterns in behavioral, thought and work processes in the contemporary art system as well as in our everyday life and labour market. “Sometimes I would prefer not to” says Lisa Großkopf, quoting Hermann Melville’s well-known literary character Bartleby1 — the capable writing assistant who at some point reacts to the never-ending bureaucratic workload with an “I would prefer not to” — and refuses to do anything else. In a complex wall diagram made of paper and thread, Lisa Großkopf presents the likewise endless work and decision-making processes of an art project: who is invited, where does the money come from, where does the material come from and what will become of the ideas … the magical aura that often surrounds an artist‘s existence is transferred by Lisa Großkopf into the actual economies of art production.

Text: Dominique Gromes
Photos: Kaja Clara Joo